Focusing on core strength, flexibility, lite cardio and breath work.

Energises, tones and balances; relieving stress and releasesing toxins

An energising 60min class focussing on the more physical aspects of Kundalini.  Each class incorporates Asana (yogic postures), Kriya (specific energetic practices that prepares the body for Kundalini energy) and Pranayama (vital life enhancing breath work), a great workout for all levels. For those who are pursuing the full benefits of Kundalini Yoga you may wish to combine this class with Kundalini Air


Focusing on meditation, mindfulness
and breath work.

An hour of relaxation and peace
to remove the stress of everyday life

Each class is designed to bring you out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and into your own special place of zen; an oasis of calm amidst the storms. Your 60min class is a heavenly combination of meditations, chanting, mindfulness and pranayama, to bring you peace and tranquility and teach you techniques for a more balanced state of mind.

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6 Online Classes
  • Pass for 6 x 60 minute classes of either Kundalini Lite or Kundalini Air
  • Book online  and joining instructions will be emailed with the booking confirmation
  • Our class uses Zoom so please make sure your device has this installed

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