Kundalini Lite

Kundalini Lite is a new class I have designed for people who are interested in dipping their toes into Kundalini Yoga, but who do not quite feel ready for full immersion (yet).

This shorter 60minute class is suitable for anyone who wants to reap the benefits of the physical aspect of Kundalini (the Asana and Kriya practice) as well as take advantage of the hugely important Pranayama breath-work practices.

The beauty of this style of class is that whilst you practice, my focus is to bring you into more conscious awareness of your body, breath and sensations (a term often described as ‘mindfulness’).  You will be guided to move and breathe in such a way that you are brought right into the present moment, from where the chains of stress and anxiety fall away.

There is much scientific evidence regarding the benefits of mindfulness on our mental health alone, however, please do contact me if you have any particular questions for yourself.   Aside from being a Kundalini Teacher, I have been coaching people for emotional issues for over a decade and would be happy to discuss your individual needs further.

Kundalini Lite does not include any chanting or specific meditation practice, which makes it an ideal starting practice for those who have felt curious about trying Kundalini, but a little overwhelmed by those practices.  It may be a natural progression to move to Tradition Kundalini Yoga classes later on, but equally Kundalini Lite is a perfect standalone practice that can be enjoyed in its own right.

Kundalini Lite classes are currently run online only and are just £4.50 each session.

Please do get in touch if you have requests for alternative times, as if there are enough requests for a specific time I will be happy to try and arrange.