Decembers New Moon (in Sagittarius) is almost upon us and we are very excited to welcome you back after our incredibly heart warming Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse Cacao ceremony last month

When our outer lives get busy, our inner life tends to suffer. Nobody likes to feel ignored, so we can begin to get a little disconnected with ourselves, as well as in our relationships with others.. . This as you know, can cause all manner of issues.

In this next event we will be offering a similar type of evening to our Lunar Eclipse Full Moon ceremony held on 19th November, although the focus will be on intention setting to harness the New Moon energy therefore it will have its own unique magic.

The energy of a New Moon is all about initiation; weaving our dreams and manifesting our hearts desires… It is not always easy to take time out for ourselves, so being in a group of like-minded souls gives us just the boost we need.  I have been STRONGLY called to offer this now, (despite it being only 2x weeks since our last event), due to the powerful total ‘Solar Eclipse’ energies falling on the exact day of the New Moon as well. I always work with what I am ‘called’ to do, the reasoning of which is often only truly apparent later.  Trusting the universe is my ethos (though its not always the easy choice 😉) and powerful dates such as these are fantastic opportunities to raise the collective consciousness via the vibration on the planet, which is why I feel such a strong pull to harness this energy.

When groups of like minded souls with intentions for good get together, the power of intent increases monumentally, and becomes an important offset against those with more ‘service to self’ intentions. This is the last solar eclipse until Oct 22 and the last one in Sagittarius until 2029.

So what do we have in store for you? Here are some of the things we will lovingly be including in your New Moon Ceremony:

💞 Powerful and thought provoking questions to journal, helping you to work out what is most important to you, and creating Intentions from the information that emerges

💞 Partaking of our ‘bliss inducing’ Ceremonial Cacao, which some of you now understand how VERY different it is to anything you’ve had before <3)

💞 Taking you on a magical, healing and rejuvenating journey of sound with the Gong and Singing Bowls.. All of this and more to be shared in our sacred nurturing space…

We describe our events as a type of ‘Alice in Wonderland without the Hallucinogenics 🤗’ 

It is not imperative that you attended the Lunar eclipse event, as everyone will benefit from this heart warming offering. If you did attend the Lunar eclipse ceremony and you can make this Solar eclipse too, you will super-charge what was started there.

We really hope you can join us for another deeply enjoyable and transformative evening. With more home made gluten free cakes, treats and herbal tea’s to boot 🙂

Love light and blessings

Penny & Monica