Signature Chakra Alignment and Balancing Program

Enlightening classes for the mind body and soul

Most people have heard of Chakra’s, but many do not know just how important they are to our health, wellbeing and happiness. Chakras are our ‘subtle energy centres’ that run down the centre of our body. Each of these main seven chakras align to specific organs and meridians, as well as certain emotions and energetic qualities in us too.

This makes them central, and pivotal, to every part of our life..! Therefore it makes sense to take the time to learn more about how to activate and balance them in order to live a more harmonious, healthy and joyful life.

Although this course has started, on occasion we may have a space pop up and we also run a ‘drop in’ day once per term. Please register your interest if you’d like to be kept up to date should any space become available for either a full term or drop in class.

Grounding for wellbeing

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Chakra program


Weekly classes designed to help bring you into total balance in mind body and spirit.  Deepen your awareness and inner peace; increase strength, vitally, prosperity and joy.

Chakra program


Be transported on a pillow of acoustic magic, as you snuggle down for a delightfully healing meditation and sound bath

Details of soundbaths will be added here, click the link below for more details and to see thew schedule of upcoming events

Chakra program


Private sessions are an excellent way of deepening your practice at your own pace.

Sessions can be arranged in your home or mine, and can be for individuals or small groups.

Chakra program


Periodically themed workshops will be run  where we can deep dive our practice in specific areas of interest.

Details of workshops and retreats will be added here, click the link below for more details

What our students say….

Yoga class testimonial
Yoga class testimonial
Yoga class testimonial

Sound Bath & Guided Meditation for Self Love & Kindness

13th February 8.00pm-9.30pm









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De-Vine Spirit Events


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