Sound healing is not new, it’s been used for many thousands of years by our wisest ancestors. The Egyptians, Ancient Greeks, Native Americans… all have successfully used this healing modality for all manner of ailments, from physical issues such as pain relief, digestive issues, migraines, to emotional and mental imbalances, stress, anxiety, depression an so much more.

The frequencies and vibrations used in a sound healing session slow down the brain waves to Alpha and Theta waves (known as altered states of consciousness), where deep restorative healing – even to a cellular and DNA level can occur. The vibrations themselves also help to pull out emotional and energetic stagnancies in the body. You may find this short video of Cymatics interesting (and enjoyable), showing just how powerful vibrations are on water and matter (which you yourself are made up of)

A 1-2-1 sound healing session offers you a very personal experience with handmade Tibetan bowls that can be placed on your body for an even deeper experience, or around your body if you would like a more gentler treatment. You will also benefit from the Quartz Crystal Bowls, each tuned to the 7x energy centres (or Chakras) of the body. Depending on what is required from the session, you may also wish to receive energy from the Ancient Gong ‘Kali’ as well as other percussion instruments.

The vibrations stimulate the Vagus nerve which in term puts you into a sympathetic (rest & repair) state, where your mind will release happy hormones such as Oxytocin, Serotonin and Dopamine)

Tesla said it best… “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
Everything in the universe (planet Earth herself, along with every living and non-living thing around you), is all made up of energy and vibrations. As we go about our day, our thoughts and our emotions have a direct impact on our vibration and energy…, and our energy and vibration directly effects those around us too.

In today’s stress-fuelled world, it’s not always easy to get a handle on our thoughts and emotions. It is a daily practice to become mindful, and as 90% of those are repetitive and typically centred around our fears and anxieties, it is of vital importance to manage the effect of these thoughts on our cell. Dis-ease in the mind can lead to disease in the body.

A consultation will give you the opportunity to specify what kind of treatment you wish to receive, and we will work organically from there.

What is so wonderful about Sound healing is that it is very non confrontational, yet extremely deep. This is good for people at the start of their healing journey when maybe talking therapies feel a bit out of their reach, as much as it is good for people who have already built up lots of self awareness and want to turn themselves over to the frequencies and vibrations to work on their subtle and physical bodies.

With sound healing, there is nothing for you to do other than to receive the frequencies of the instruments which are placed on you and around you. It can release emotions and stuck energy in gentle, yet deeply powerful ways. Some people feel effects immediately and it can release a block that is felt physically or from spontaneous emotional release, or it can just feel like deep peace where you lose track of all time – floating off to visit far off lands, or just drifting off to sleep which is perfectly fine as the frequencies and vibrations will still be working on you. Sleep that night is usually very deep.

Sessions are conducted in my lounge in a gentle atmosphere with soft music to begin, and with sage incense to cleanse the aura. You can book a 60min session for £45 or 90min session for £55. Wear comfortable clothing and without perfumes or aftershave, having drank at least 1-2 pints of water that day..

One-off sessions are powerful in their own right, they help to remove the build up of stagnant energies, and in some cases they can shift out deeply held stagnant blocks in just one go. Either way they leave you feeling lighter and brighter and deeply nurtured. The vibrations will continue to be working on you for 24 hours, and it is important to make sure you stay hydrated BEFORE and AFTER the session. If you have specific issues to address, you may wish to book a course of treatments.. either way, sound healing sessions are highly beneficial to include in your self care regime – your body, mind AND soul will thank you for it <3

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Penny Pettman is a somatic therapist (of over 13 years), an empowerment and wellbeing coach, a Kundalini Yoga teacher, and a sound and energy healer. You will feel immediately in safe hands which is the basis of all healing.

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