About your Host

Penny Pettman – founder and owner of De-Vine Spirit, a Holistic Health Company offering Coaching, Kundalini Yoga and Sacred Plant Remedies

Penny left her high flying (but soulless) role in the corporate world to follow her true passions in 2009 (over 13 years ago), and has been a somatic therapist, well-being and empowerment coach ever since. Being clairsentient, she is gifted at feeling energy blocks, and knowing where people have come out of alignment with themselves. Working deeply with energy, gentle humour and decades of innate wisdom – along with a plethora of professional training in energy and well-being modalities from around the globe, she has laser point accuracy in getting to the root and heart of peoples troubles. Her specialist focus is on releasing traumas, and inspiring people to break their conditioned moulds so they fall in love with their truest selves.

Penny has also been working with Plant Medicines since 2018, after travelling to Costa Rica to journey with ‘Ayahuasca’ (sacred Amazonian consciousness raising brew) as well as working with other healing plants including Cacao. It was during those Ayahuasca journeys, that she got ‘the call’ to travel to India to further study Kundalini Yoga, where she qualified as a teacher. She now brings sacred plant medicines (such as Banisteriopsis Caapi, and Cacao), as well as Kundalini Yoga, and Coaching out to the world through classes, events, workshops and private lessons.

She artfully weaves spiritual and wellbeing events designed to heal, uplift and raise the collective consciousness, by combining multiple healing and well-being modalities. Events range from kundalini/hatha yoga, meditations, cacao ceremonies, energy medicine, stress & anxiety workshops, women’s coaching groups, full moon practices, wellbeing workshops and ‘Heart Circles’ (HIQ sharing groups). She’s passionate about creating a safe and nurturing environment for total mind, body and soul nourishment.