If you are an existing student you can click here to take you straight to the class schedule and make your booking instantly.  All you need is to have the latest zoom application on your computer, tablet or phone (if using phone you may wish to link it to your TV for easier viewing).  Make sure to arrive 5-10 mins early for your first session so you can check your tech works well.


If you are new to our Kundalini Yoga classes then welcome, your new and exciting journey awaits you =).  Firstly we will need you to fill out a quick student form and disclaimer, found here.

I will be running Introduction Classes on Wednesday’s at 19:15 as long as there are enough students (minimum of 3x), so let your friends know and then drop me a message with your preferred Wednesday here.  As soon as we get the numbers for the class we will send you a notification/confirmation mail and you can then turn that into a proper booking for the class. Once you have attended the Introduction class you may book on a regular class for existing students.


All you need is your mat, a decent amount of space around you to move legs out to each side of the mat, a cushion, blanket and some water to hand.  You may also wish to have a little eye mask or cloth to place over your eyes for relaxation at the end

Once you book your class you will get a notification mail with the link to zoom.  All you need to do is click the link 10mins before class and then type in the password (from the notification mail).  Should you have any issues please send me a mail.  I will be waiting for you to come online so please let me know of any difficulties at your earliest opportunity.


I’ve never done an online Kundalini yoga class before and I’m a bit nervous

Firstly don’t be, an online class is really the perfect enviroment to start out as you are in your own safe space. We ask that all new students join one of our introduction classes where we will guide you through everything at a slower pace so you will get the most out of our standard classes which you are free to join once you have completed at least one intro class.

What equipment do I need to join an online class?

In terms of technichal equipment not much, just a device that you can connect to the internet and will allow you to use zoom, and if you’ve made it to this website you’ve probably already got that! Obviously the bigger the screen the better so you can see what I’m doing but most internet enabled devices will work (PC, Mac, IPad, Tablet or even a phone).